How To Successfully Travel With Your Contact Lenses

//How To Successfully Travel With Your Contact Lenses

Here are some great tips that should make your trip hassle-free, at least in the eye department.

  1. Prescription

A little before it’s time to travel, ensure that your contact lenses are fit for purpose, and that your eyes haven’t changed, thus requiring a new prescription. Bring a back-up pair of regular glasses just in case, making sure that these are also up to date.

  1. Pack properly

Contact lenses are great, but are next to useless without the correct cases, preferably leak-proof for use when in and out of a pool, not to mention spare contacts just in case.

  1. Solution

If your trip is a long one, remember that airports around the world can have a range of rules about what you can and cannot carry on as hand luggage. Keep the lion’s share of your contact lens solution in your suitcase, only keeping a minimal amount on your person in case it gets taken off you.

  1. Disposal

Disposable lenses mean you won’t have to worry about hygiene concerns which vary from place to place, both within and outside your country of residence.

  1. Hygiene

It sounds obvious, but don’t let your standards slip. Your hands should be dry whenever they make contact with eye or lens. Contacts should be removed daily, and your lens case cleansed with a storage solution.

  1. Avoid water

Amoeba-borne eye infections, bacterial infections and fungal infections can all occur if you wear contacts whilst swimming. Swimming goggles can help, along with disposable contact lenses. Bin them straight after your swim. Especially their best seller; Myday daily contact lenses.

  1. Sun damage

Contacts with UV protection will help protect your eyes from UV rays. Don’t be fooled into thinking that you only need to worry about this with sunglasses.

  1. Symptoms

Don’t ignore blurry, painful or red eyes; wear glasses and visit a doctor, asap. It could just be a case of tiredness; or it could be something that needs immediate medical attention. Don’t risk it.

  1. Cheap option

Never buy contacts which haven’t been prescribed for you personally, and which are not from a reputable manufacturer. Do the contrary to the popular ‘Just do it’ – Just don’t do it!