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How To Successfully Travel With Your Contact Lenses

Here are some great tips that should make your trip hassle-free, at least in the eye department. Prescription A little before it’s time to travel, ensure that your contact lenses are fit for purpose, and that your eyes haven’t changed, thus requiring a new prescription. Bring a back-up pair of regular glasses just in case, making sure that these are also up to date. Pack properly Contact lenses are great, but are next to useless without the correct cases, preferably leak-proof for use

Massages Around The Globe

If you’re considering a professional massage and haven’t done it before, you may need to ask several questions before booking your appointment. Massages are meant to be relaxing and close to meditative in feeling. If you’re self-conscious with the opposite gender, you could request an interview with a seasoned masseuse or masseur of the same gender. Things to confirm before you book a time are the reputation of the spa, therapies used, oils/ creams used, the experience of the practitioner,

The Best Places To Get Married Abroad

The trends for weddings have changed dramatically in the past two decades. Where earlier couples would prefer getting married in the hometowns, couples now opt for destination weddings in exotic locations. The intrigue and novelty of getting married in a different location appeal to almost one-third of the people getting hitched nowadays. With couples getting engaged virtually daily, and then wanting to get hitched before having their first child, perhaps with the help of the guys over at 

Top Travel Essentials

People have been traveling to places long before any of us were born. The most celebrated minds in history have also visited abroad for some reason or the other; knowledge, curiosity, trade, and more. All these explorers relied on some form of packing structure. Travellers still look for comfort, utility, maximisation of space, and lightweight travel bags. Today, we have to worry about electronics and technological items according to weather and climate. High-quality cameras, mobiles, tablets, laptops, and hand-held devices are

How to Choose the Best Sleeping Bag?

Sleeping bags are very convenient to use when you are car camping. Whether you are going to spend the night in a tent or the wilderness, your sleeping back can protect you from the elements, bugs and keep you warm and comfortable. Here are some tips that will help you pick the best sleeping bag: The temperature rating is the first factor to consider. Sleeping bags are usually divided into 3 categories according to the season. Most of them will feature a

5 Amazing Benefits of Travelling

Are you still wondering whether you should get on a plane? It is definitely time to explore the world. If you are not yet convinced, here are the top 5 benefits of travelling: It improves your personal and social skills. You become more of a people’s person as you step out of your comfort zone and deal with different people. You will also experience an improvement in your communication skills. It is the best way to overcome stress. You get the chance

How Can You Make Money While Travelling?

Have you ever wished to explore the world but just couldn’t afford it? You are not alone. A lot of travel lovers don’t have the chance to pursue their passion because of the cost of travelling. Even if you can save on ticket money and accommodation, quitting your job and exploring the world with nothing but a backpack is not for the faint of the heart. A lot of people think that making money while travelling sounds too good to be