The Best Places To Get Married Abroad

//The Best Places To Get Married Abroad

The trends for weddings have changed dramatically in the past two decades. Where earlier couples would prefer getting married in the hometowns, couples now opt for destination weddings in exotic locations. The intrigue and novelty of getting married in a different location appeal to almost one-third of the people getting hitched nowadays. With couples getting engaged virtually daily, and then wanting to get hitched before having their first child, perhaps with the help of the guys over at, it has now certainly become the ‘in’ thing to plan a wedding abroad.

Getting married in a foreign country comes with so many benefits, such as amazing weather, better value for money, different cultures for food and clothing, and even the amazing scenery and wedding lighitng providing the backdrop for your special day.

Many brides prefer planning weddings where they will be assisted by their friends, family members, and loved ones. However, brides and grooms who choose destination weddings abroad prefer employing professionals to run the show. Many couples select vacation spots that they have visited earlier or places they have always dreamed of visiting. Through their wedding, these betrothed couples seek an adventure with their loved ones from both sides.

With the help of Katie from Orla James, an online wedding jewellery retailer, we’ve identified some of the best places to get married abroad.


Mexico has been a hot favourite of many couples in the past ten years. Culturally diverse, Mexico has good relations with its neighbouring nations and promotes tourism. Languages like Spanish and English are locally spoken, and most natives speak both languages fluently. With more than 6000 miles of exquisite coastline, the beaches of the Mexican Gulf and the Caribbean Sea in the east and the Pacific Ocean to the west offer virginal views of the horizon.

The food is exceptionally delicious, the people warm and welcoming, and the wedding industry thriving. You can easily book an entire resort for half the cost at your hometown and employ the services of wedding planners, caterers, and decorators to help with the planning and execution of your wedding.

Liam from agreed “Mexico is definitely one of my favourite places that i’ve visited, would definitely recommend!”

Kauai, Hawaii

One of the most exotic tropical locations in the world, Kauai in Hawaii should be on your wish list. Lovingly called the Garden Island, Kauai is the northernmost of the Hawaiian islands. Smaller than the other islands, Kauai has a more homely feel than other larges islands and has an abundance of untouched beauty to add to your wedding photographs. With a chilled-out vibe and beautiful beaches, Kauai has many beach resorts where you can host your entire wedding party and celebrations. A quick tour of the resort will enable you to consider food, decoration, theme, and music options. You can also opt for in-house wedding coordinators and local caterers to help bring the look and feel of Hawaii to your wedding. Beach weddings with spectacular views are always a given in Kauai, added Jessica from


For romantic couples who long for a feeling of history, Italy is the ideal wedding destination spot. The Isle of Capri, Lake Como, Florence, Rome, and Venice offer exquisite views for weddings. The ruins of the Colosseum and Patheon in Rome, Uffizi Gallery in Florence (adorned with works of Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci, Raffaello, and Botticelli), and a gondola wedding in Venice are sure to bring out the romance in your loved ones.

Wedding coordinators in Italy help arrange church weddings with priests, officiants, and blessings in almost all venues. Acquire the support of local vendors to turn your wedding into an authentic Italian experience for your friends and loved ones.


Ireland is more than just Guinness and Whiskey. It is also breathtakingly gorgeous. Couples with Irish blood on either side can depend on their homeland to welcome them with open arms. Irish customs and traditions are age-old and add significant meaning to people wishing to incorporate some Irish history to their weddings. The betrothed couple can select dozens of beautiful wedding venues including 13th-century castles, hilltop resorts, and countryside inns. Extremely lively and warm, the people of Ireland treat visitors with respect and love.

You can select from the available wedding planners employed with the venue of your choice and can also adopt Irish customs to give your wedding a memorable turn of events.

Phuket, Thailand

Couples looking for an exotic oriental vibe can turn to Phuket in Thailand for their upcoming nuptials. It might be far to travel, and tickets might be costly, but if booked in advance, the trip is worth it. When in Thailand, opt for church weddings or traditional Thai Buddhist ceremonies that involve water chants while blessing the wedded couple. Thai music and dancing, food, and people add to the inherent beauty of the diverse landscapes. Adventure seekers and food-lovers amongst your wedding party will also love your destination since Thailand is known for its thrilling sports and plethora of local food and diverse cuisines.